1. Airport

    Learn about the Nogales International Airport.

  2. Animal Control

    Adopt a new pet, report cruelty or neglect, find out how to pay your pet license fee, and more.

  3. County Bids & Solicitations

    Browse through a listing of the bids in the county.

  4. Court Services

    Get information about the services provided by the court precincts of Santa Cruz County.

  5. Education

    Find out about the educative services provided within the county.

  6. Emergency Information

    Learn about the emergency services provided by the county, so you can be better prepared for any situation.

  7. Facility Maintenance

    The Facilities Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance and repair all county buildings.

  8. Finance

    The Finance Department is responsible for maintaining a fiscally sound organization that conforms to generally accepted accounting and management principles and legal requirements.

  9. Health Services

    Using the most effective and efficient means available, including education and prevention services, promote individual and group actions and choices that produce the highest possible level of public and environmental health.

  10. Information Technology

    The Information Technology Department provides our county government with centralized computer and telephone-related services.

  11. Licensing

    Find out where and how to get licenses in the county.

  12. Pay Bills

    Pay your county bills online.

  13. Victim Services

    The Santa Cruz County Attorney's Office now coordinates several programs to provide assistance to victims and witnesses.

  14. Workforce Development

  15. County Maps

    Santa Cruz County, AZ GIS Maps