Office of Emergency Management


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  1. Community Emergency Response Team

    Get information regarding the Emergency Management Office of Santa Cruz.

  2. Local Emergency Planning Committee

    The Santa Cruz County LEPC is a committee which serves the population that works, lives and visits in Santa Cruz County, Arizona.

  3. Haz Mat Spill Reporting

    Haz Mat Spill Reporting

  4. LEPC Plan

    Current LEPC Hazardous Materials Emergency Response and Recovery Plan for website

  5. Santa Cruz County Alerts

    The Santa Cruz County Alerts is a centralized alerting system. Existing landlines are automatically included in the system. However, mobile devices are not included and require opt-in from the owner. This system allows the public to sign up to receive alerts on their mobile device such as: weather alerts, emergencies (such as hazardous material spills, major road closures, power outages, etc), Air Quality advisories, Boil Water advisories.

  6. 2011 Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

  7. Hazard Mitigation Plan Questionaire

    Hazard Mitigation Plan Questionaire