Our Communities

Everyone who lives here knows that Santa Cruz County is a great place to live. One of the nation’s most intriguing attractions, Santa Cruz County has something for everyone from bikers and hikers to birdwatchers and history enthusiasts. Each community has its own unique personality and a drive through Santa Cruz County provides travelers with extraordinary vistas of color and beauty.
  1. Amado

    Visit beautiful Amado, nestled in the Santa Cruz River Valley.

  2. Nogales

    Plan a trip to historic Nogales and walk where the conquistadors once walked.

  3. Patagonia

    Relax and take in the beautiful surrounding in scenic Patagonia.

  4. Rio Rico

    Enjoy luxury combined with natural beauty in Rio Rico.

  5. Sonoita & Elgin

    Sip a glass of Arizona wine here in this scenic valley region.

  6. Tubac

    Get your share of art, history, and natural beauty in the Village of Tubac.