Court Administration

  1. Diane Culin, Court Administrator
Mrs. Culin came to the Superior Court of Arizona in Santa Cruz County in February 2012. She has over 30 years of Arizona Court experience; 12 years in the role of a Chief Executive Officer in the justice systems in Pima County and Pinal County making careers in both the Adult Probation and Juvenile and Family Court systems, respectively. She possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, and a Master’s degree in Organizational Management. She has served as a management consultant to other court programs in the states of California, Colorado, Indiana, North Dakota, New Jersey and Texas. Mrs. Culin has also served on several local, state and national committees and organizations charged with improving the operations of the justice systems at all levels. She has been instrumental in the funding development, design and construction of several new county and court buildings. She has facilitated positive changes in organizational data reporting from the traditional data reporting process of measuring activities to helping organizations identify and appreciate meaningful outcome-based measures of their performance.