Animal Control
Jose L. Peña Jr.


Santa Cruz County and the City of Nogales.
A. It shall be unlawful for any person to subject any animal to cruel treatment, cruel neglect, or cruel abandonment. The provisions of this section shall be interpreted in conformance with and pursuant to A.R.S. §13-2910.

B. The purpose of this section is to guarantee that animals are not subjected to unnecessary cruel or inhumane treatment and/or torture of any kind whatsoever. The further purpose of this section is to guarantee that animals under human custody or control are housed in healthy environment and are provided with proper food, water, shelter medical care, exercise space and ventilation. All persons having the care, control or custody of any animal should provide:

  1. That the animal received daily food that is free from contamination and is of sufficient quantity and nutritive value to maintain the animal in good health
  2. That potable water is accessible to the animal at all times, either free-flowing or in a clean receptacle
  3. That, except for livestock, all animals have convenient access to natural or artificial shelter throughout the year; necessary shelter to protect the animal form injury and from the elements, and of sufficient size to permit the animal to enter, stand, turn around and lie down in natural manner; shelter which protects the animal from temperature extremes or precipitation and which provides adequate ventilation or drainage;
  4. That the animal receive care and medical treatment for debilitating injuries, parasites and diseases, sufficient to maintain the animal in good health and minimize suffering;
  5. That the animal is given adequate exercise space either: a) within an enclosure that shall be constructed of material, and in a manner, to minimize the risk of injury to the animal, and should encompass sufficient usable space to keep the animal in good condition; or b) on a tieout, consisting of a chain, leach, wire cable or similar restraint attached to a swivel or pulley. A tieout should be so located as to keep the animal exclusively on the secured premises. Tieouts should be so located that they cannot become entangled with other objects. Collars used to attach an animal to a tieout should not be of a choke type. No tieout should employ a restraint which is less than ten (10) feet in length
  6. That no animal is kept in a vehicle or other enclosed space in which the temperature is either so high or so low, or the ventilation is so inadequate, as to endanger the animal's life or health.