Animal Control
Jose L. Peña Jr.

Any dog that is four months of age and is being kept within the boundaries of the County of Santa Cruz, State of Arizona for at least thirty consecutive days of each calendar year needs a County dog license.

*A current rabies certificate good for at least a year must be provided to obtain a one-year license. If the rabies certificate is good for less than a year, you may also obtain a license for the amount of months the rabies shot is good for (Eleven months, Ten months, etc.).

License By Mail.
A current rabies certificate must be mailed with a check or money order with the license fee plus .50 cents per animal for postage.

Mail current certificate with check or money order to:

Santa Cruz County Animal Control Department
2150 N Congress Dr.
Nogales, Az 85621



License – Altered (proof required)


License – Unaltered


License – Altered, Senior/Disabled (proof required)


License – Unaltered, Senior/Disabled (proof required)


Replacement License


License Transfer


License Late Fee


Impound Fees – 1st Offense


Impound Fees – 2nd Offense


Impound Fees – 3rd Offense and after


Board – (per day)


Animal Pick Up at Residence (owned)




Disposal Fee


Trap Rental for Two Weeks


Report Request

$1.00 (Per page)

Adoption (dog or cat) - $10.00 (includes Parvo/Distemper

Shot for dogs, RCP for cats)

Owner is responsible for cost of spay/neur and rabies vaccination.