August 5, 2003 at 9:30 a.m.

Santa Cruz County Complex

2150 N. Congress Drive

Room 120

Nogales, AZ 85621



B.                 ADOPTION OF AGENDA

C.                 CALL TO THE PUBLIC


D.                 FLOOD CONTROL:


1.       Director’s/Project Report

2.       Public Comment

3.       Authorization to purchase vehicle for Floodplain Administration


E.                 REPORTS


1.       Board of Supervisors                                   

2.       Manager                                            

3.       Finance                                             

4.       Sheriff

5.       Status report on US/Mexico activities relating to Nogales Wash contamination


F.         ACTION ITEMS                                                                                    ACTION TAKEN


1.       Approval of Agreement and related documents with Tubac Chamber of

Commerce transferring Tubac Restrooms to Tubac Chamber of Commerce

(Req: Greg Lucero)                                                ______

2.       Adoption of FY2003-2004 Tax Rates (Req: Greg Lucero/Jennifer St. John)      ______

3.       Request approval of Intergovernmental Agreement between Santa Cruz

County and the University of Arizona for grant writing services

(Req: Jennifer St. John)                                       ______

4.       Application for Liquor License: Alday’s Ballroom, Tumacacori     

(Req: Clerk)                                                   ______

5.       Bid Award: B-06-03-C006; Procurement of Road Striping Materials and

Services (Req: Public Works)                                    ______

6.       Bid Award: B-08-03-C008; Bare Heavy Equipment Rental (Public Works)      ______

7.       Bid Award: B-09-03-C009; Auto Parts Bid (Req: Public Works)            ______

8.       Procurement of new vehicle for Building Department (Req: Bob Banzhof)      ______

9.       Personnel, waive of hiring freeze and authorization to fill vacant Senior

Maintenance Worker position for Parks Division (Req: Mary Dahl)        ______

10.   Request for approval to purchase six police sedans from State Contract

No. AD030039 (Req: Sheriff Estrada)                             ______




AGENDA (cont.)

August 8, 2003




11.   Discussion and possible action to approve Contract No. DTFA08-03-C-21660

(Project No. 3-04-0024-10) for a grant from the Federal Aviation

Administration in the amount of $1,450,000 for Runway Widening and

Rehabilitation (Req: Mary Dahl)                                                                ______

12.   Tax Valuation Adjustments: (Req: Assessor’s Office)

a.   134-43-144-2 – Lawyers Title of Arizona Inc

      Resolution No: S20020000110                               ______

b.      102-01-083-3 – Mastick Family Trust

      Resolution No: S20020000107                               ______

c.      102-01-083-3 – Mastick Family Trust

      Resolution No: S20010000166                               ______

d.      112-09-060-3 – Rudolf, Eugene & Beverly A

      Resolution No: S20020000109                               ______

e.      112-09-060-3 – Rudolf, Eugene & Beverly A

      Resolution No: S20010000167                               ______

f.      0250088-01-0 PUC – SKW.MBT Management, Inc.

      Resolution No: S20020900003                               ______

g.      0250087-01-7 PUC – SKW.MBT Management, Inc.

      Resolution No: S20020900004                               ______

13.   Approval of Minutes: 7/7/03 (Req: Clerk)                          ______

14.   Demands (Req: Clerk)                                                  ______


G.            ADJOURNMENT