County Manager:
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera
(520) 375-7812




Santa Cruz County Manager

One of the most important functions of the County Manager is to serve as a bridge of communication between the public, the various elected officials and the Board of Supervisors. The County Manager administers all non-elected departments including Community Development, Elections, Financial Services, Health and Social Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Library, Planning and Zoning, Public Works, and Purchasing. The County Manager monitors and administers the county budget which includes an individual departmental review of proposed, and then throughout the fiscal year, ongoing expenditures. Duties also include estimating all anticipated review and ensuring the development of the budget under legal expenditure and levy limits.

The County Manager negotiates all intergovernmental agreements. Besides the administrative function of the County Manager, the Manager completes a variety of special projects for the Board of Supervisors affecting the management and the fiscal integrity of Santa Cruz County. The County Manager is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and serves at the pleasure of the Board.