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Office of Emergency Management: Emergency Response Plan

The Santa Cruz County Emergency Response Plan is available as a read-only file on this web site. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print these files.

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Emergency Response Plan.
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Table of Contents
Basic Plan

Emergency Support Functional (ESF) Annexes
ESF 01: Transportation Infrastructure
ESF 02: Communications
ESF 03: Public Works and Engineering
ESF 04: Fire Service
ESF 05: Direction and Control
ESF 06: Mass Care
ESF 07: Resource Support
ESF 08: Health and Medical
ESF 09: Urban Search and Rescue
ESF 10: Hazardous Materials
ESF 11: Food
ESF 12: Energy
ESF 13: Law Enforcement
ESF 14: Mass Fatality
ESF 14: Mass Fatality - Org. Chart
ESF 15: Evacuation
ESF 16: Search and rescue
ESF 17: Mitigation
ESF 18: Nuclear Power Emergency Preparedness
Recovery Function Annex
Annex A: Recovery Function Annex
Support Annexes
Annex B: Government Relations
Annex C: Donations Management Function Annex
Annex D: Financial Management Annex
Annex E: Emergency Public Annex
Annex F: Terrorism Incident Annex
Annex G: Foreign Animal Disease Annex
Annex H: Pandemic Flu Annex
General Information Annexes

Annex I: Acronyms
Annex J: Glossary
Annex K: Resources
Annex L: Mutual Aid
Annex M: Authorities and References
Annex N: EOP SOP
Annex P: Mass Fatality
Annex R: ICS
Annex S: City of Nogales EOP

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