Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC): Members

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
is comprised of the following members that are
part of the following groups or organizations:

Chief Les Caid Chairman
Rio Rico Fire District

Chief Les Caid started as the Fire Chief for the Rio Rico Fire District on April 20th, 2011.  Chief Caid has been involved with Public Safety for over 30 years. He served 25 years with Tucson Fire Department and retired in 2004. While with TFD he worked in all areas of the Department including many years as a Paramedic and EMS Supervisor, Technical Rescue, Chief of Support Services, Hazardous Materials and as the Deputy Chief in charge of Emergency Management. Les worked 4 years with Rural Metro Fire starting out as the Pima County Fire Chief, and was soon promoted to the Regional Fire Chief for R/M  Fire. He is currently the Co-Chair of the U.S. EPA Border 20/20 Emergency Preparedness Task Force and past Co-Chair of the Emergency Management Committee for the Arizona Mexico Commission. Chief Caid sits on the IAFC/NEMA/EMAC subcommittee, and the AFCA Mutual Aid Committee. He is a two (2) term Past President of the Arizona Emergency Services Association, former Chair of the Arizona Citizens Corp Council, and a past member the State of Arizona Homeland Security Coordinating Council.  He has served on the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross, Greater Tucson Leadership, the Arizona School Counselors Association, World Care and the Medical Reserve Corp of Southern Arizona (MRC).

Les has a B.S. in Public Administration and Master of Science Degree in Executive Leadership.


Louie Chaboya Co-Chairman

Louis Chaboya joined the Arizona National Guard in 1969 and retired as a Major in 1994. He joined the Department of Public Safety in 1972 and served his 20 years in Santa Cruz County retiring in 1992. He then worked with the City, County and State Courts in assisting in the implementation of a statewide computer software from 1992 to 2000. On July 1st 2000 he was assigned as the Director of the Santa Cruz County Office of Emergency Management until his retirement in December 2007. For the past 5 years Louis has been working with the Tubac Fire District. He also is the owner of C & C Emergency Response LLC and has been working for the Enviornmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the Border 2020 Bi-National Program.

Per our By Laws the Nogales Fire Department and
the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department
also have a vote. The department will send a representative from their department to the meetings. This was done to accommodate the often difficult schedules of an individual.

Nogales Fire Department. The Nogales Fire Department was a key player in the development of a Bi-National Plan between Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora. (Hyper link: For more details of the Bi-National Plan).

Santa Cruz Sheriff. The Santa Cruz Sheriff's Department has been a big supporter of the LEPC and has been highly involved in preparing for a variety of disasters. A deputy was assigned to participate in a Haz-Mat Technicians course and plans are to send more deputies through this course in the future.

Along with the voting members there has been an increased interest by the community in the LEPC. There have been members of a variety of agencies that have participated in the past few months.

The following is a list of agencies that have attended and/or committed to supporting the efforts of the LEPC:

  • United States Customs Service
  • United States Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • United States Border Patrol, United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • Nogales Suburban Fire Department
  • Patagonia Fire Department
  • Rio Rico Fire Department
  • Sonoita Fire District
  • Patagonia Marshals Office
  • Nogales Police Department
  • Nogales City Attorney
  • International Border Water Commission (IBWC)
  • Arizona Fire Marshall
  • Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • Arizona National Guard, Union Pacific
  • Holy Cross Hospital.


Santa Cruz County Emergency Management
2150 N. Congress Drive, Suite #110,
PHONE: (520) 375-8000, FAX: (520) 375-8001.