Public Fiduciary Director
Rita Luz Ashford, LF



Referral Form

The office of the Public Fiduciary was established by the 1974 legislature to serve as a "fiduciary of last resort" for individuals and decedents' estate in need of guardianship, or conservatorship or public administration where there is no person or corporation qualified and willing to act in such capacity. Most of the clients of the Public Fiduciary's Office are indigent or have limited assets.

Guardianship and/or Conservatorship is appropriate only when a person is unable to manage his/her person or property and consequently is in danger of abuse, victimization or substantial danger to health. If these elements can be proven by clear and convincing evidence in court, the person may need a guardian and /or conservator to make decisions for him/her.

Referral Steps

  • Complete the Referral Form, Fax it to 520-375-7894
  • Case will be reviewed for approval
  • Investigation initiated
  • Contact made with potential ward and family members