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To Access the maps, simply click on a number to see the PDF copy of the work map. Map file sizes are between 6-16.5MB.
(Adobe Reader is required to view PDF files, download here)

NOTE: On low speed connections such as dial-up, these files will take a while to download.
0750C 0725C 0700C 0660C 0655C 0633C 0632C 0631C 0629C 0628C 0627C 0626C 0625C 0575C 0550C 0525C 0495C 0490C 0485C 0480C 0469C 0468C 0467C 0466C 0464C 0463C 0462C 0461C 0460C 0455C 0445C 0440C 0435C 0430C 0400C 0365C 0361C 0355C 0350C 0325C 0315C 0311C 0295C 0292C 0290C 0285C 0280C 0270C 0260C 0265C 0245C 0240C 0235C 0233C 0231C 0230C 0200C 0175C 0150C 0140C 0130C 0120C 0110C C0125c 0100C 0075C 0043C 0045C 0035C 0040C 0030C 0010C 0025C 0255C
For General Information, call:
Santa Cruz Flood Control District 0255C
Open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Thursday