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Santa Cruz County Fair competition results
The Bulletin | Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 9:11 am
Best of Show Awards

  • Agriculture: Jesse Phelps
  • Quillting: Edith O’Halloran
  • Sewing: Gunella McDonald
  • Knitting: Sue Schwartz
  • Crafts: Debbie Bostian, Zola Stoltz
  • Culinary: Kerri Hunt
  • Sweepstakes Award: Sidney Spencer
  • Perishable Foods Contest: Cami Schlappy
  • Hobby and Crafts: Karrie Schroeder, Jody Brosseit
  • Floriculture: Bianca Parra, Julie Firos
  • Photography: (Youth) Amanda Doughty, (Amateur) Cami Schlappy, (Professional) Marin Karrels
  • Fine Arts: (Amateur) Sarah Everhart, (Professional) Luis Preciado
  • Cowboy Crafts: Fox Johnson
  • “Portraits of Santa Cruz County” drawing contest: Andrew Botz
  • School Poetry contest: (Grades 3-5) Chesed Chap, Elgin School; (Grades 6-8) Ralphie Quiroz, Elgin School
  • School “Complete the Drawing” contest: (Grades K-3) Nick Dekhtyar, Elgin School; (Grades 4-8) Chesed Chap, Elgin School
  • “Super” Chili Cook-off: Steve Zimmerman, NUSD
  • Open Chili Cook-off: Molly Anderson
  • Pet Show: Sophia Jordan and Gambler
  • Santa Cruz’s Got Talent Show: Allyson Lloyd
  • Wine Competition, People’s Choice Award: Hops and Vines

4-H Grand Champions

  • Metal Craft: Josh Purvis and Shane Cubillas
  • Sewing: Dominic Ram
  • Rocketry: Ross Noon
  • Photography: Lexi Montanez
  • Growing with Plants: Elizabeth McKay
  • Cooking: Caitlin Dimerling
  • Senior Round Robin Showmanship: Taylor Burleson
  • Junior Round Robin Showmanship: Clay Lyman
  • Rabbit: Shyanne Pruitt
  • Rabbit Showmanship: Brianna Brown
  • Dog: Mackenzi Lawrence
  • Pack Goat: Victoria Mueller
  • Senior Pack Goat Showmanship: Savannah Foster
  • Junior Pack Goat Showmanship: Daniel Mueller
  • Poultry: Elizabeth McKay
  • Poultry Showmanship: Ross Noon
  • Steer: Garrett Fish
  • Senior Steer Showmanship: Taylor Burleson
  • Junior Steer Showmanship: Elliana Jordan
  • Swine: Tanner Lyman
  • Senior Swine Showmanship: Tanner Lyman
  • Junior Swine Showmanship: Clay Lyman
  • Market Lamb: Annika Coleman
  • Senior Market Lamb Showmanship: Annika Coleman
  • Junior Market Lamb: Ember Hubbell
  • Market Goat: Julianna Quiroga
  • Senior Market Goat Showmanship: Savannah Foster
  • Junior Market goat Showmanship: Sophia Bergh
  • .22 Pistol: Levi Purvis
  • .22 Rifle (with scope): Clarisse Reyes
  • .22 Rifle (with iron sights): Brent Anderson
  • Muzzle Loader: Shane Cubillas
  • Archery, Recurve Bow, Sub Junior: Amy Titche
  • Archery, Recurve Bow, Junior: Savannah Klassen
  • Archery, Recurve Bow, Senior: Ross Noon
  • Archery, Compound Bow: Josh Purvis
  • General Arts & Crafts: Levi Purvis & Anthony Scheid

4-H Sr. Grand Champion

  • Fine Arts: Savannah Klassen

4-H Jr. Grand Champion

  • Fine Arts: Elizabeth McKay